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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Today I'm picking up a 3DS after worl since my human guinea pig check came in on Saturday. I was wondering if anyone who reads this has any suggestions for any DS games, the last handheld system for me has my regular GBA, and none of the launch titles for the 3DS really interest me. The one that does the most TLoZ Ocarina of Time I already have for the N64.

There are a few games I intend to get, (Pokemon Platinum, the 3rd game in the black and white generation, Megaman Legends 3 when it comes out- thats actually the main reason I'm getting the 3DS, the DS kingdom hearts game, The World Ends With You, etc), but my game knowledge is rather limited at the moment.

Also I may have found a place to buy the Italian Cybersix comics... but thats for a later post.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Yesterday I went to Pawn America while running errands with Grandma (she has trouble going on her own now cause of O2) and I snagged what I thought was a good deal, a complete set of Trigun, an excellent anime that was on Cartoon Network several years ago. Today I have found out that it is a bootleg, and I can get an official set for just over half of what I payed... PussFuck.

Oh and for those who are interested I haven't quite yet started my next translation, I'm actually still deciding what it will be but I am currently leanning towards Cybersix 13 since I spent part of yesterday at Grandma's before we went shopping preparing several pages for translation (size increasing and color modifying mostly) of several Meteorix issues.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


As of 4:34 PM today I have broken the more than 1000 page views in a single month mark. YAY!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Question For Y'all About Pages

So I've been looking through pages of Cybersix and Meteorix to figure out what I want to do next and I noticed something with the next dozen or so issues of Meteorix (they're from another source than the majority of the series), most pages are 2 per image-

What I'm wondering is should I leave them like this, or seperate the ones that aren't two page spreads? What do you all think?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cybersix 12

Well that was tiresome. Here is Cybersix number 12 as promised, early even. With my style I don't think that trying to cram an entire issue into a week is a good idea unless its as a reward...

Cybersix 12

EDIT: New link on the Cybersix page.

You should thank "tellthewind" for this release as since I only did it so fast as a thank you for the computer help when my speakers were wonky.

I would also like to thank Frida of http://fridafantastic.wordpress.com/ and a nameless poster for their attempted aid with a particularly annoying phrase.

Translation wise I am going to take a bit of a break due to going right into Cyberisx right after I was done with Meteorix.

On an unrelated topic if you live in or near Thief River Falls or Dilworth MN I highly recommend Belly's Take and Bake Pizza. The more you buy the more work I get, which means more money for me. The pizza is pretty awesome too though.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Annoying Translation Problem

Just spent about 30 minutes trying to translate this one phrase from Cybersix 12.

des qu’on leur fait un peu confiance,

les voilĂ  avec ce cote maternel qu’elles ont tout de suite.

I ended up using about five different translator programs and cobbled together something intelligent out of the results but I am still a bit concerned about it. If any of you my fine readers know French and would be willing to give me a proper translation I would be grateful. I won't tell you what I managed to get so not to influence you unduly.

Ugh.. I haven't had this much hassle translating since dealing with mexican slang and not realizing some of the character's text in Meteorix is done phonetically (written as they would actually say, accents and such) and not literally.

Meteorix Issue 2

Well here is the second translated issue of Meteorix. This one turned out MUCH better than the first one. The colors and translations are much better due to some tricks I've learned and I now have a better font than what I have been using.

As you can see it is a big improvement over the first issue. It will be nice though, to go back to Cybersix for a bit. While the text quantity is much greater and the story more somber, the scans are much nicer to work with.

As before I would really like it if those who read this could tell me what they think about my work. The more specific the complaints the better I can fix them.

 Meteorix Issue 2

Now to work on Cybersix 12. Due to computer aid from one of my fine readers I have promised to post it completed in a week from the time this post goes live. Hopefully I can pull it off.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thought I Would Share This

A site I frequent is running a contest for a fairly interesting prize. I thought I would share the link with you all in the hopes that some of you would chek it out. The site is a pretty awesome one and one of my regular stops online when I need to kill some time.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Computer Issues Part 2

EDIT- ok its looking like the stuff I tried might have actually worked since there hasnt been a single hiss since the reinstalling of audio drivers. Lets hope that the problem is solved.

To the person who commented trying to help;
since your comment lead to my talking to the one who suggested what I did, I have decided that you helped indirectly. Therefore I will compromise with the reward. Once I finish the last couple of pages of Meteorix #2 and post it I will then in the space of a week from the time I post the link I will translate Cybersix issue 12. Out of the 30 some people who visited the blog today you are the only one who took the time to try and help. I thank you for that, and if you can provide a name of somesort I will stick it in with Cybersix 12.

On the suggestion of a friend I tried uninstalling the realtek high definition audio driver thingy from my computer. It worked in the sense that there was no more of the intermitent hissing type noises, but when I reinstalled drivers so that my computer could have sound again the hissing was back. I also tried turning the microphone off and running the trouble shooter stuff for audio but none of that worked.

This is quite vexing. The sound I am pretty sure is coming from the speakers as it seems to be coming from the top right part of the keyboard part of my laptop.

Shoulda Known- Computer Problem

EDIT: For the poster who asked the sound seems to be coming from the speaker particulary on the right side. Also for those who want to help an E-mail address with your posted comments would be nice.

I should have known that after that last post something would happen...

My computer is now making hissing noises when I boot it up and at some other times (only other time I know for certain is when I do the whole 'Run as Administrator' bit). It does this even thought the speakers are muted.

Does anyone know if this is something I can fix on my own or do I need to take it in. Or if it is something that I don't need to worry much about?

If any help I get from here results in the fixing of this issue (other than telling me I need to take it to a professional) I will translate an entire issue of either Cybersix or Meteorix in less than a week. Which one will be decided by the person who helped me out.

Keep in mind my computer skills are rather limited to internet surfing and minor picture modifying. The laptop I am using is a Compaq Presario CQ62 running Windows 7. I got last November just after Thanksgiving at Walmart for about $300.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Nothing Much Going On.

Not much happening at the moment. Work is fine. Translation is coming along fine, but slow. Just finished watching seasons 1-5 of Red VS Blue and found it highly enjoyable. Was sick on Monday night. Biggest happening other than that was the last of the snow being washed away in rain. Got a few post ideas kicking around in my head, primarily Transformers related. But yeah nothing much of interest at the moment.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Blessed Are The Pizza Makers, Blessed Am I

So yeah I finally have a job now. I make pizzas at Belly's in Dilworth MN. What really tickles the funny bone is that it is right next to a fitness place. No I don't think that this will affect the translations.

Meteorix issue 2 translation- 65%