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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Annoying Translation Problem

Just spent about 30 minutes trying to translate this one phrase from Cybersix 12.

des qu’on leur fait un peu confiance,

les voilà avec ce cote maternel qu’elles ont tout de suite.

I ended up using about five different translator programs and cobbled together something intelligent out of the results but I am still a bit concerned about it. If any of you my fine readers know French and would be willing to give me a proper translation I would be grateful. I won't tell you what I managed to get so not to influence you unduly.

Ugh.. I haven't had this much hassle translating since dealing with mexican slang and not realizing some of the character's text in Meteorix is done phonetically (written as they would actually say, accents and such) and not literally.


  1. as soon as we rely upon them, here they are with their instantaneous maternal side

  2. Hey Dan!

    I'm so happy to see you're doing these translations. I'm Canadian but my French skills are non-existent. I've tweeted this post and shared it over Facebook, so hopefully it'll reach some French-skilled geek that can help out.

    BTW, is it alright if I use some of your excellent covers in a blog post? I run a speculative fiction book blog, but I'm writing a special spotlight post on Cybersix to spread the love <3


  3. Oh wait, THAT was the translation. *headdesk*

  4. Thanks for the help folks with the translation and spreading the word about it.

    Frida, feel free to use any image you find on here. They arent really mine, I just found them on various sites while trying to track down more Cybersix chapters. Maybe your Cybersix post will trigger some interest and track down the last chunk of the series. There are a good number of comics that weren't released in French, only in Italian. Possibly Spanish but definitely in Italian...

  5. Thanks! I'll do what I can. Which volumes/chapters needs to be tracked down?

  6. I think it was anything above issue 30 or so of the Italian release. I'm not completely certain where the cut off point is when comparing the two releases as I have found nothing but a few of the earliest issues in Italian online. But my best guess would be be issues 30-45 of Italian.

  7. Awesome, I'll include that on my blog post. Hopefully it'll get the attention of some fan browsing around and just happens to have those copies :)