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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cybersix Italian Covers

The covers for the Italian Cybersix releases are now collected here. From my research it looks like the best way for me to obtain the remaining Cybersix comics that weren't published in French is to obtain scans of the Italian volumes 30(?)-45 or scans of the magazine Skorpio from around 1994-1996 in which it was initially run. Unfortunately I have yet to have any luck finding either. Please spread the word to those who may be able to help.
Anyway I doubt you care about the text so here are some pictures


Translations are proceeding well but I have yet to even guess at a release date.


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  2. Are the pictures you have up there from books you already have? Cuz if you don't have the one with Jose wielding a spiked club, I could lend it to you.