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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Covers and quantity

I was doing some preparations for upcoming translations and decided to post the covers for all 12 french collections. Thought you all might enjoy them and thought it may get me some more traffic by Google Image search. Oh hey you want to be freaked out? Type Disney or whatever cartoon you prefer and turn the safe search off for images. Just make sure nobody else is watching.
Also there was a question about the quantity of the series. Of volume one there are roughly 80 pics left of Volume One. Of the remaining 11 there are aproximately 200 pages each. Meaning at least a crap-ton of translation left to do.

Cyber has the high ground-
Your move Ciel-Sempai

Don't mind me just
contemplating my navel.

Looks like Data gets to
her body out for a whirl. 

I'm just sitting out here
watching airplanes...

Round One: FIGHT!

Just waiting for Batman
to show up.

This cover could be
construed as NSFW

Tonight at 11 'Child Violence:
Is It On The Rise?'

*sigh* Guess I'll be buying
my own drinks tonight... 

Cybersix VS The Giant
Floating Baby Heads

Envious of Eliza Maza?

Pick your poison,
girly teacher-man
Lab-built babe with
a bad case of
Pinocchio Syndrome


  1. I just found your blog yesterday, and I wanted to say thank you! You've done a wonderful job of translating these, and I really appreciate your hard work. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Many Gracious Thanks for these...

    I come from a nearby country in South-East Asia and I remember seeing this so long ago on Malaysian Television Channel.
    But I never remember the name...
    Now I found this~
    Many many many gracious Thanks!