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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Today I'm picking up a 3DS after worl since my human guinea pig check came in on Saturday. I was wondering if anyone who reads this has any suggestions for any DS games, the last handheld system for me has my regular GBA, and none of the launch titles for the 3DS really interest me. The one that does the most TLoZ Ocarina of Time I already have for the N64.

There are a few games I intend to get, (Pokemon Platinum, the 3rd game in the black and white generation, Megaman Legends 3 when it comes out- thats actually the main reason I'm getting the 3DS, the DS kingdom hearts game, The World Ends With You, etc), but my game knowledge is rather limited at the moment.

Also I may have found a place to buy the Italian Cybersix comics... but thats for a later post.


  1. I must admit that I had been unaware that there would be a 3rd game in the Black and White generation. As for DS games, I personally enjoyed Phantasy Star Zero. I also enjoyed Freedom Wings, but that's honestly pretty much Harvest Moon with airplanes. There's a fair amount of challenge though if you can handle the manual piloting. I cannot recommend enough the Korg DS-10 ports. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy how easy it is to create simple tracks. The Castlevania titles for DS were not horrible. I am interested in The World Ends With You, but I do not have it yet.

  2. Quick FYI. Just did a little Cybersix flashback post on my science fiction/fantasy book blog at http://fridafantastic.wordpress.com/. I posted the link over at the facebook Cybersix page. Hopefully someone will have those Italian releases even if you're not able to buy them :)

    Cheers, Frida