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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Greetings and Obsessions


You may be wondering why and who this blog is about. Those of you who only know me through here can call me PharmaDan, or simply Dan if you cant take the time for the other six letters. I am a rather quiet, homebody, Pharmacy Technician intern with quite a few interests. Including a partially forgotten Saturday morning cartoon. When I have my interest kindled in something I tend to get a little obssesive about it, leading to a bit of an overdose on the subject. But this time that didnt happen. The show inquestion has a rather interesting pedigree. Its a show produced by a Canadian televison studio, based off an Argentian (? somewhere around there any way) comic book, with the animation shipped out to Japan. It is the unforgettable Cybersix. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/Cybersix

Cybersix is a quite excellent show if only a short one of only 13 episodes (although I still havent gotten around to watching the last two...). Once I found out it was a comic first I was intrigued, unfortunately despite one of its creators having succsess with Dark Horse comics it was never released in America. However it was released in Italian, its native Spanish, and had an aborted Canadian release... in French.

Thankfully the internet came to the rescue. There is a thriving subculture of translting comics online, Primarily in my knowledge Manga, and Italian pr0n comics. But fortunately another fan had translated Cybersix to English, for seven issues. The can be found here http://www.zannen.ca/cybersix.php , unless of course somethig goes kablooyey. Although if youre reading this you already most likely know that. Unfortunately it doesnt look like anymore will be translated by Zaanen anytime soon. And honestly that makes me sad, and mad, combine that with boredom, free time, no desire to go out and get drunk and waste gas and money, and then square with stumbling across scans of the entire (?) French release and an internet translation site and you get my new little project.

For those of you reading this and currently suffering a joygasm take a moment we'll wait.

To continue: As most may have surmised I am now attempting to translate the French version of Cybersix. Starting with issue eight (where Zaanen stopped) I'll be posting it here.

A word of warning though, several actually.

  1. Cybersix the comic is quite different than the 'toon.
  2. I dont have photoshop or a decent translator program so these arent highquality translations or even very nice looking ones. I'll try to make them as neat as possible, but I'm not going to drop the money needed for photosho for just one project.
  3. I have a schedule set for this, and this is provided for free. That means you have no right to scream, beg, piss & moan, etc at me to release it faster, or in larger quantities, or with a better translation. If I was being payed for this than you'd have that right.
  4. This is my little corner of the net. I'll post whatever the fuck else I want to here. You dont have the right to bitch about that either.
  5. This may seem a little harsh but I've seen jerkasses on many a site take the hard work done for granted and it pisses me off. I'll be doing this until I'm done or asswipes make it no longer desireable.

With that out of the way if anyone wants to take my translations and make a nicer version with photoshop or suggest better translations, Please contact me and do so.
And now onto what youre all waiting for; the comics. Unless reallworld stuff interfers I intend to post a handful of pages each week. I wont post everything I have translated so I gotta bit of a buffer. But like I said above you are getting this for free so you dont get to bitch about how much or little I post or when I do. Starting off with the first page translated along with the raw version.
*maniacle laugh*



  1. Hi, just popped over from the Cybersix Tvtropes page. I think this is a very cool thing you're doing. You mentioned not having photoshop or wanting spend money on it. I don't blame you. There is a program that has many of the same features as photoshop but is completely free. It's called Gimp.

    Out of curiosity are you editing the translation any. That is are you just putting the translated text into the boxes or are you rewriting any unclear/clunky text the translator spits out?

    Anyway love what you're doing and hope it works out for you.

  2. Glad you like it, and thanks for the program suggestion.

    Yes I am "editing the text a bit so it makes sense. A good example is that bit on the top of the page that I labeled "Obsessed"; that is what the first handful of text boxes on the second page.

  3. Hey, thanks for picking up where Zaanen left off! I also came here from TVtropes. I actually have the French volumes of the comic, but my French is utter shit so even I can benefit from this site!

  4. Also popping up here from the TvTropes page, and I gotta say, you rock so hard for taking the time out of your day to translate these, dude. Seriously. Many thanks! 83 <3

  5. Tv Tropes as well. The First 7 chapters are dead :( do you have any more links to them?

  6. First 7 chapters can be found on the Internet Wayback Archive:


  7. You might want to post a link to the complete comic in spanish, for bilingual readers, or in case there's someone else out there who might like to help you translate the later chapters.

    This page has a download link:


    and the link itself points here:


  8. Awesome, just found you via a cyber six comic search. I'm ecstatic that you have chosen to translate these and share it with everyone!