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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Initial Thoughts On The DVD- Cybersix DVD Review Part One

I've finally gotten my DVD in the mail, so yay.

Read on for info on the release and my thoughts.

The cover is a little meh in my opinion, there's plenty of brighter more visually exciting official art they could have used. Several examples can be found on disc 2 in the bonus features

The back is intriguing; they mention the fact that its based off of the Argentinian comics, which considering how the comics... are... y'all know... it is rather surprising. A good surprise though. The back also notes the whole Cybersix masquerading as a male teacher by day. Finishing it off is some pics from various episodes, and a listing of special features that include commentary by Cyber's VA, Creditless and Karaoke versions of the opening and ending, Liner Notes, The Original Pilot, and Production art.

Opening the case up you just get 2 DVDs, no paper greeblies. Disc one has episodes one through seven on it while the rest can be found on disc two.

Once you fire up the dvd and get through the little company logos you get a static menu with the option to play all episodes, with each episode on the disc being selectable immediatly below, not on a second screen; which is a little barebones odd. All with the opening song running, which kinda balances it out. Disc 2 does have a separate screen for the bonus features

So far I've only watched the first episode; I got some loose plan to watch them on the same dates that they originally aired on; and some of the bonus feature stuff. But anyway the video looks awesome and the sound rocks! The whole things is a nice full screen affair, no annoying black bars on the top or sides.

The bonus features are nice. You get some good music with the clean opening and ending, though they have subtitles that I don't think you can remove, and the karaoke ones giving you just the instrumental scores was a pleasant surprise. Though the fact that you don't get the ending scenes any larger, only a big empty black spot on side is disappointing. The original pilot is a pleasing little oddity, though very low video quality. The production art is awesome, lots of sweet images (which if anyone with the technical know-how can get off the disc and  available for me to save to the computer would be very much appreciated) done as a slide show set to the long version of the opening.

Its been a while since I've watched any of Cybersix, I was a bit surprised at some of the little things I noticed. Things like the archecture and verbals cues, like Adrian saying village instead of town, that indicate that this doesn't take place in North America (obviously I know it doesn't, but I'm surprised that the animators didn't try and make it look more like it did) and the fact that they let the one Fixed Idea say killed, averting the whole "never say die" bit that many cartoons have going. Also of note the whole fact that they kept the old technology level instead of modernizing it (then again considering where its supposed to be set it may actually have been modern at the time) or even scifi-ing it. The fact that the Fixed Ideas and even Cyber in some scenes where pretty dang fierce looking is something I can't believe I forgot.

It is going to be fun watching this again.

I'm considering maybe doing reviews or at least comments about each episode as I watch them. If I do so, I'll toss them up on here.


  1. thanks for the review i think i will get this. by the way are the opening and ending the same old 1 minute / 30 second or did they release full versions finally?

    1. Sadly, they are the same old ones. The full versions are not on the DVD :(

  2. That's cool wouldn't mind reading your reviews for the series

  3. I recently brought the DVD. Sooo glad I have this in my collection! Now if only we can get an official release of the comic...

  4. Pharmadan, I don't wanna be that person that bugs people for updates...but can you give us an update? Even a small one, to let us know how things are going along.

  5. Hello...I read your Cybersix English translations over at Konbanwa Japan's Youtube channel. I found it easier to read on Youtube than to download. But all he has are the stories up to Vol 2 Chap 17, and it looks like there are 10 1/2 more volumes of the comic! I know it's been a while since you posted an update but will you do more translations and if so will Konbanwa Japan add them to his channel?