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Friday, November 11, 2011

For Those Who Want To Use My Work

If you want to use my work on Cybersix or Meteorix there are a few things you should do.
  1. First ask me if its ok.
  2. Let me know how you intend to use it (translate into another language, create a better translation, color the comic, post on another site like Smack Jeeves, etc etc...), and where you will be posting it at. This way I can let other people know about your stuff as well. And possibly hit you up for advice in regards to photoshoping...
    • Note- This will also enable me to keep you current with my script translations if neccesary.
    • Other Note- If you are wanting to color it let me know and I'll post your colored versions here for everyone.
  3. If I give you the ok, credit my work on on it. (for example acknowledge that you are working from my translation, don't claim that you did it yourself)
    • Note- Apply this to the chapters done by Zannen as well. Don't claim it for yourself or say that I did those translations.
    • Note The Second- Guy who was posting Cybersix on Smack Jeeves when are you going to post more? I gave you the ok to use my stuff but you haven't done anything for a while.
  4. Supply an E-mail address by which I can contact you, in your comment to this post or any other in which you ask.
For my translation related stuff I use the email address PharmaDanTrans@yahoo.com

If you follow this outline more likely than not I'll give you the go ahead to use my stuff.

    • Note The Final- The picture used at the top of this post is from a volume of Sailor Moon, I can't remember which one right now. It's one of those end of chapter filler art pieces that the artist sticks inbetween the old chapter and the new.
Also WOO 11/11/11
Thank you anon who gave me an excuse to use this picture...

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