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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Calling Any Willing Artists

So yeah this is a little off the regular topic but remember a while back those sketches I shared that I made for the O.M.F.G. sereies 3 toyline submissions on Octobertoys.com? Well I have an idea for a new submission but my skills are not able to convey what I want, and I was wondering if anyone who reads my stuff could help?

If anyone is willing to take a whack at it here is the description for the fig.

  • It's a 3ball snowman, who for his head has a mushy jack-o-lantern for a head. He is slightly hunched over and the jack-o-lantern is sitting tilted instead of flat.
  • His arms are made of sticks, one is a single stick that starts rather thick with snow wrapped around it at the base and ends with some twig-fingers. The other is a pair of sticks wrapping around each other, with plenty of open gaps in places, one of them ends with a split into two branches while the other is just a single stick.
  • On top of his head he's wearing a tophat.
  • Instead of scarf he has a noose hangin down and to the side.
  • Instead of rock/coal buttons there are little stylized skulls.
  • Sticking out of the bottom snowball in the front there is an empty boot, slightly tilted. Looking like it was put there while it was an ordinary snowman.
  • On the bakcside of the bottom ball (higher up than the boot) there is an arm reaching out wearing a mitten. I don't know if the snow around the arm should be pushing out making it look like the arm is struggling to reach out of the ball, or the snow should be concave giving the impression that it's sucking the arm inside.
  • On the backside of the middle ball there is an empty stocking cap stuck to the ball, partially "submerged" in places (there is no head at all in the cap, it's just a flat empty cap), and a second mitten, maybe with a string connecting it to the one on the arm.
I have yet to think of name for this guy, so any help with that would also be appreciated.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

New News For A New Year

Hiya folks have some belated New Year News for y'all.

First of is some news on your translator.

I'm doing alright; I'm working fulltime now (I believe I mentioned this before, but meh...), and it's a fairly decent job with 7-4 Monday-Thursday and half days for Friday. My only real complaint is that I need to wake up at 5:30 in the morning and drive 40+ minutes to get there on time. (That and the occassional fear that I'll be working there forever sending shirts on down to be printed/embroidered until I retire.)

Family is doing ok, nothing too unusual there.

The holidays were pretty good. I got a Nook HD that I've been playing around with a bit. (I'll have to add .epub versions of the comics to the downloads later) I got some ninja turtle stuff and Last Stand of the Wreckers in hardcover, along with the regular scattering of shirts and movies.

I had a bit of a cold over New Years and didn't even stay up for it.

Now for some translation news.

As I'm sure you've noticed I've uploaded all of Part 1 for Cybersix volume 2. If I haven't put the link on the downloads page It'll be there soon.

So that I don't get burned out I've decided to do some Meteorix translating. I recently was able to find the last two issues and possibly a non-corrupted version of a page I was missing for number seven.

I do have one minor problem though; the raw scans I have for issues one through twenty are of poor quality, making them rather hard to read and therefore translate. If there is anyone who is willing to maybe take a whack at enhancing the pages in photoshop or something so that I can read the text, I would be very greatful. And remember the faster I get through some Meteorix the quicker I'll get back to Cybersix.

That's about all I have for a you now, so I'll post more later when I have more to type about.