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Meteorix 5.9

Meteorix 5.9 is a Mexican comic that recently (latter half of January 2011) caught my attention due to the research I did after coming across some rather "mature" fanart of one of the characters (Katzandra), oddly that happened due to looking into fanart of an older American comic, one Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew, and a particulary good artist had said fanart of Katzandra. And no I wasn't specifically searching for Rule 34 of Captain Carrot or Meteorix.

Since there is no English release of the comic and there has been no apparent interest by anyone else in translating it, I have taken it upon myself to do so. It is honestly a pleasure to translate this in between Cybersix, it is a "lighter" series with more energy and less quantities of text to deal with. The fact that the art reminds me of some of my favorite issues of Gen13 is a bonus.

Comics 1-10
Comics 11-20

Comics 21-30

Comics 31-40

Comics 41-50

Comics 51-60

Comics 61-70

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