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Tuesday, August 26, 2014


All right I just had to delete an entire paragraph of obscenities and insults. I went to more than six stores trying to track down Cybersix and none of them had in store... I'm gonna have to order online...

An Important Day

Hey folks still alive. Unfortunately things have not cooperated and I have not been able to get anything done for this project.... Yeah it sucks. But when I have something I'll toss it on up here.

More importantly however today Cybersix gets it DVD Release Today!!!

As I write this, well type anyway, I"m getting ready to go and do some shopping that includes our beloved series. I beg of you dear readers that you do the same, the sooner the better as that is how the folks in charge decide if it was a success or not. So go out and buy some Cybersix, heck by a second copy to gift and spread the joy! And if it does well enough (i.e. exceedingly extremely well) perhaps more could follow, anything from the show being on air again, to official comic releases, to some movie studio taking note and giving us a feature film, the sky is the limit but we must support Cyber if we want anything to happen.

I WILL be posting some more once I've watched the DVDs.

To those of you still hanging around, I thank you, and this project while on hiatus is not dead. I have plans but I need to get things organized for them to work. Hopefully it will happen sooner than later, but it will happen.