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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Computer Issues Part 2

EDIT- ok its looking like the stuff I tried might have actually worked since there hasnt been a single hiss since the reinstalling of audio drivers. Lets hope that the problem is solved.

To the person who commented trying to help;
since your comment lead to my talking to the one who suggested what I did, I have decided that you helped indirectly. Therefore I will compromise with the reward. Once I finish the last couple of pages of Meteorix #2 and post it I will then in the space of a week from the time I post the link I will translate Cybersix issue 12. Out of the 30 some people who visited the blog today you are the only one who took the time to try and help. I thank you for that, and if you can provide a name of somesort I will stick it in with Cybersix 12.

On the suggestion of a friend I tried uninstalling the realtek high definition audio driver thingy from my computer. It worked in the sense that there was no more of the intermitent hissing type noises, but when I reinstalled drivers so that my computer could have sound again the hissing was back. I also tried turning the microphone off and running the trouble shooter stuff for audio but none of that worked.

This is quite vexing. The sound I am pretty sure is coming from the speakers as it seems to be coming from the top right part of the keyboard part of my laptop.


  1. I am he. I'm also the guy who wished you "good luck and godspeed" prior to your release of Chapter 11. To be honest, normally my first advice would have been the re-installation of audio drivers, but I was influenced by a sudden influx of hardware failures with similar symptoms in the past week.

  2. If my AIM username doesn't show up correctly, it is "tellthewind".