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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Holy Fraggin Cinnabons!!!

Animorphs! Fuck Yeah!!

you can skip to the bottom for the whole point of this post if you want...
Let me tell you story. I was in the second grade (this was around later 1996 just before Parent-Teacher Night) and the annual book fair had rolled around. There was the normal fuss and class walk downs to the school library to look at books which was enjoyed because we got out of class and many of the books came with free shit. Most of us weren't too thrilled with reading and pretty much just killed time looking at the covers and looking out the windows. I was part of that group, and then I saw them. On the check out desk to the left of where the librarian sat was a small display of books. They were much thicker than most of the books and obviously intended for the older kids, but that didn't matter to me once I saw the covers.
 And I was hooked. Mom picked up the first book for me after conferences, and soon I had gotten every book out. Then every month like clockwork until 2001 when #54 came out I got every book as soon as I could and often finished them in a single night of reading. These books were responsible for turning me into a voracious reader overnight. Before I found reading rather dull and forced, but these- these were fun!

I even managed to watch some of the awful live action show on Nickelodeon. I survived that obviously with my faith in the series intact.

For a good five years this series was a major part of my life, and its end brought around an emptiness in routine that has only recently been filled by manga and other comics, but even these do not have the same hold on me as the books once did.

 For many years these books have been a fallback for my reading pleasure when bored, and sadly many have been battered rather harshly. The pdfs of the series are a poor substitute, but better than nothing.

But now I have found something even more awesome than the fact that at least the first six issues are being re released (with lenticular cover that have iffy photo-models). A hardcore fan has started to release the series in comic format. I have often thought that Animorphs could make an excellent comic series, particularly due to its detailed morph descriptions. The comic isn't too far along yet but the art looks pretty decent. You can find it here. Lets hope that this awesome fan can do the whole series and not receive a Cease and Desist order from scholastic.



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