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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Potential Release Dates -OR- Cross-Dressing Pinochio vs Mexican Mega Manga- FROM SPACE!

All righty folks enough dickering around, I now have projected release dates for both Meteorix and Cyberisx.

First off is Meteorix. Though I am not totally satisfied with its translation and assembly, it is quite honestly a fairly large step down than all but my very first Cybersix translation *shudders*, but that is for a different time and post. Anyway I intend for it to be done by March 24th at the latest.

Cybersix is a little more fluid. I intend for it to be ready on the 29th at the latest, but that changes with how soon I finish Meteorix, since the sooner that is done the sooner Cybersix should be done.

The key words being 'should be done' and 'intend'.

This is all contingent on life proceeding normally and me not being stoned out of my mind on anti-dementia Alzheimer's medication from the study I'm in.

Also though I doubt anyone is interested Torpedo Tits has just translated chapter 29 of Highschool of the Dead. And yes I know the spelling is off, its an old habit from the early translations and the author's non-familiarity with English.

And now some picture for you all. Although you may already have some of them from downloads in older posts.

For the life of me I can't remember what this is a reference of... Oh well its awesome anyway!
Fantastic, check. Sexy, check. Cross dressing, sure why not?

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