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Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Little bit about me you may not know, I collect Transformers. But since the Fargo Moorehead area of ND and MN is essentially bumfuck nowhere as far a distributors are concerned it takes forever to get anything new other than the first few waves of toys completely skipping other waves and barely getting any of the later waves. However we are finally getting a few (very few) things I've been waiting months for. I pretty much only need to track down the new Wreckgar and Lugnut figs to obtain all the ones I want. So I am happy that I will be stopping with the obtaining of Bakugan in clearance isles as a stopgap.

Further more I am actually going to be getting some money. I've been accepted into a medical study at Pracs and can get up to $1000. Only problem is I have to drive about 30 miles every day for a few weeks to get there and another 30 back home... And since its early in the morning translations may be slowed a bit depending on how tired I am and what else I need to do that day.

Hopefully my next post will have something more interesting for you all.

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