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Monday, March 14, 2011

Meteorix 5.9 Issue 1

Well its finally done, the first issue of the Mexican comic series Meteorix 5.9. One down and 89 to go; assuming of course that I can find 82-90 online.

Download here.

This was a fun thing to translate, much less text than Cybersix and a more upbeat feel. Though it defintely does not have the emotional impact of Cybersix. The comic as a whole is rather messy though, when compared to Cybersix's style. My only real complaints are that the scans are nowhere near of as high quality as those of Cybersix.

I do have to admit I am not completely satisfied with my translation. Due to the slang and the having to learn some new typesetting methods, and the fact that it is a completely new series to me, the translations seems rather subpar and lacking in general. Once I get farther into the series and have a better feel for the characters I will comeback and redo this issue like I did with the first part of Cybersix I released. I may even do it a third time if I find better scans for issues 1-20 than what I do have.

Well I hope you enjoy it anyway. Your thoughts, comments and suggestions are welcomed and encouraged. Seriously please comment.

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