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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Progress and Problems and a Request for Aid

Heya Folks! It's your slow-ass translator here.

+Good News- I'm making majorly magnificent progress with all of my translation projects!

+Bad News- I'm only really able to work on it out where I don't have reasonable accsess to the Internet...

+Bad News Elaboration- That means I can only do the background/prep work since I rely on the Internet to do the actual translating. It's stuff that needs doing but not the stuff your interested in.

+How You Can Help- If anyone can help me find a FREE TRANSLATOR PROGRAM that I can DOWNLOAD and use OFFLINE that could help increase the releasing of translated pages.

Thanks for reading and sticking with me.


  1. http://www.babylon.com/products/babylon/



    1. Thanks for the suggestions but none of those really suit my needs. They either need to be connected to the net or are the temporary trials.

      Thanks once more,

  2. I translate from French for a fansub group. I know how you feel, I use google and the website wordreference a lot and when my internet goes down it's very difficult to translate. One program I do have isn't a translator per say, but it's a translation dictionary from freelang. The good thing about this program is you can add your own words to it. It won't help you with grammar and sentence structure, but you should know that pretty well already.

    I can offer you my help but I'd like to know what you expect for the turnout rate of pages. If it's 10 a week, probably not, 2 or 3 would probably be doable. Let me know what you think.

    1. Friend I'm lucky to get even one page week at the moment. And even from the beginging it's been more of a "hey i feel like working a bit cybersix" than any schedule. The only reason the earlier postings came so often was because of a stockpile/buffer.

      Turnout would be whatever you could do when you could spare time.

    2. Then I'd be happy to help. You can check out my work on my blog, Takara Fansubs but I've also done some manga translation as well.

      Just send me something to get started on, and tell me whatever fonts and such you use for typesetting. I have photoshop experience as well so I can typeset my pages too. My email is on my profile.

    3. Cool I'll have to take a look at my stuff and figure out what I should send.