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Sunday, June 24, 2012


So got some news for for you all.

I've updated the Intro page for Cybersix volume two. Thanks to both of you who commented with suggestions and corrections. I didn't use every correction though, due to wanting to keep to the page's narratory tone (if that even makes sense to anyone but me...). Though most suggestions did lead to revisions of the affected parts.

I've got another page of Cyber for you all to preview. I hope you enjoy it. Pic after the jump.

I've also enlisted the aid of Shippothekit in producing some pages for this chapter. So be sure to thank him  her as well.

I have some Meteorix news too. I have finally found the last two issues posted online (on facebook actually). This is excellent since my original source stopped posting issues after being contacted by the author, leaving the last two unavailable. The final issue is a tad shorter than normal, though I think this is because the poster only posted the story pages and not any extras (pinups and previews for other series).

Life's still bleh. I'm still looking for work of anysort, even the human guinniea pig type. I want to be able to pay of my student loans and eventually snag some of the actual volumes of Cybersix I see floating around on ebay and what not.

Though its not all gloomy. I recently (Thursday) picked up a comic by the name of "Frostbite" in something called the "Vampire Accademy" series, the art looks good and from the page flipping it seems to have some decent combat and whatnot. Does anyone know anything about the it or its series? Finding it in Walmart is the first I've ever heard of it. I suppose I'll take a look on Wikipedia and TVTropes eventually.

I've also had the luck to find all seven volumes of Tokyopop's release of the series "Island" for less than $10 at a used book store where I have store credit. An awesome find since I've been interested in it since 06 when I first got into manga/manwha due to the cameo appearances of the characters in "Rebirth" another Tokyopop series and the first manga/manwha series I started reading, due to finding issue one in the local thrift store (in the childrens books for some wtf reason). It was what led me to finally start picking up the One Piece books since 4Kids stopped showing it on Fox. Without it I probably would have just forgotten about the series, and who knows what my interests would be like now without it.

And now some misc Meteorix images.



  1. Thanks dude, but I'm a girl. lol

    And just as an update, I've basically got the whole Yashimoto chapter translated. So it's ready when you are.

    1. Oops my bad.

      Send me what you got, when you can.

    2. Sent man. Just let me know you got it okay.