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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Here have a very text intensive page of Cybersix. Hopefully it makes sense. If anyone catches any mistakes of unclear-ness in this please let me know what and where so I can fix it. Suggestions on what and how to change any flubs would also be appreciated.


  1. Thought I would take a look at this. Overall very well done translation. Here are my revisions that I would recommend:

    *it describes young artificial girls, made of gold, who...
    *good-natured men made of clay who took life before the mention of the holy name of God.
    *as if they contained life
    *Research began on the possibility that electricity could restore life or create it.
    *Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus
    *the horrible creature that was created, abandoned to its fate by its creator, taking its bloody revenge.
    *Two terms that have been used most often to signify these artificial human beings are: "robot" and "android".
    *who was conceived under the dependence of one the most modern life production systems in a test-tube.
    *a very beautiful woman
    *and her father seeks to put an end to her...

    1. Cool, I'll see about working these in.