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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Meteorix 5.9

The Cover of Meteorix Issue 1
I was doing some browsing online and came across a Mexican comic by the name of Meteorix due to some uh... cough..."adult" fanart of a feline-esque character. The art style and premise from what info I could glean from various sources caught my attention and I figured I'd take a whirl at translating it. The style reminds me of the Adam Warren issues of the orignal run of Gen13. Frankly I find that to be awesome.

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Cover 13 with what appears to be the three main ladies
Somebody really liked The Matrix

Unfortunately of the 90 issue run I am missing issues # 22, 30, 33, 39, 42, 44, 45, 47, and 51-90... I'm going to check a few more places out to see if I can track them down now, but even if I dont I have plenty of material to go through before it becomes a problem.

Looks like this kitty likes the water.

Though if anyone does have them or is willing to look I would be most grateful.

Evangelion references for the win...

...as long as they aren't as horribly broken
as the Eva kids were.

No this does not mean I will stop translating Cybersix. I fully intend to continue with it. In fact the variety that Meteorix provides may even increase the translation speed. I WON'T STOP WITH CYBERSIX. IT WILL CONTINUE.

Sorry didn't find any Shinji or Misato
Some links of note
Blog where I found out about comic and the scans I do have. I've tried emailing the blog owner to see if he objects to my use of his scans but so far I haven't gotten any response so I'm going to proceed until otherwise instructed.
Gallery Views of the Comics.

Edit: Found a bunch of better scans and now have up to 78.

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