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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Well that is unsettling.

I just swung by zaanen.ca to see if anything had changed about their bit of Cybersix only to find that a mere 2 days after I started posting my shit they sent out a post saying that they're shutting down the site as a whole essentially. They apparently still intend to post some chapters, but I have no idea when that would be done. If they post stuff before I get to it I'll most likely skip over to what they haven't done.

For those who have already found me don't worry I'm not just going to stop and wait to see what they do, I'll continue on with my posting. Currently most of chapter 8 is assembled and waiting for posting and the begining of 9 is translated.

Never fear your lone Phamacy Tech has no intention of letting you down.

Currently I believe you can find the Zaanen chapters can be found in a zip file here- http://www.zannen.ca/cybersix.zip

Also I am still having no luck finding a decent translator program to download, so suggestion on that are welcome.

Just did some more looking and it seems that they've posted up through book 12. Don't know if it includes the part of book 1 they did. Well until I learn otherwise I'll just continue on.

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