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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Year And A Day.

So it's been a year and a day since I started this blog and began posting my Cybersix translations. A lot has changed. I was booted from the Pharm Tech program towards the tail end of it, and switched to Library Sciences. This resulted in six months of not even thinking about this project of mine.

Eventually I started translating again completely disregarding my initial schedule idea I had. This dissapoints me a bit since I would be well into the second book, but I know I would burn out doing that. Now I translate as I can.

And now I am a graduate with a Liberal Arts degree with no job and lving at home... pathetic... The closest thing I do have to  a job is keeping the wood stove going and stocked and helping out the Grandmas when they need it.

On the bright side I have now found another comic to translate, the visually interesting Meteorix 5.9 from Mexico. And have attracted at least one visit to to blog with the search phrase 'I read my disneyporn comics'...

Eh fuck it, enough whining I'm going to go and shoot some space zombies. (Dead Space 2 is the most cathartic game I've played since Prototype and Star Craft)

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