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Saturday, November 26, 2011

To The Nightshift At Where I Work- I Do My Job

Dear Nightshift Girls-

     I will admit I am not a particulary speedy person. I will also admit that I am also the newest person working at the store. However act like you did towards me and the other person on morning shift (who has been working there longer than you) and their will be... problems...

     Morningshifts' top priority is to make the pizza dough and roll it into crusts. If we have the time and inclination we can do otherthings. But it is the nightshifts' job to restock the line fridges not ours. We busted our humps to finnish all the dough, while making pizzas for the customers (and selling about a quarter of what we made to boot), and doing the emergency stocking of what we needed for said pizzas. We bring our dough numbers up to where the boss has told all of us to bring them to (as your angry little note so pointedly indicated), it isn't our fault we sell out of dough towards the end of the night.

     Furthermore, you lot are not the ones in charge at work. You cannot remove my hours from the schedule. You cannot continue to make the schedules so that they favor you and place all of you on at once. You do not have the authority to leave notes to try and reprimand us, or complain about how "we always slack off". If you have an issue complain to our faces. (note: you all know about this blog, and honestly I don't care if you decide to read it or not, you know it's here so it's your call) Don't leave angry little notes at work, actually say something to us and communicate, even if it is through facebook or email or personal webpages.

     If one of you in particular continues to provoke me everytime we see each other, there will be problems. I do not want problems. I do my job, and if you think you can do better I am willing to trade shifts and let you take a whack at it instead. Just let me know and I can easily trade my shifts for yours. It's better than you just starting yell when I show that I have a spine and don't immedietly agree with your view of our work. I'm a nice guy in general (and I haven't even yelled back once), but I won't rollover just because you have to your job instead of Morningshift doing it for you. So please don't provoke me anymore.


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