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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


How odd... For some reason a lot of the traffic to the blog this week came here via searching for Animorph porn...


  1. Please don't mind my interupting annoyance but I must have answers. I really wish to read the cybersix comics however I have set up an account, and I've both saved and just opened the files when they download them. Problem is that whenever I go to read them the page starts opening and closing not allowing me to view any of your comics PLEASE HELP ME! I'm just a despret fan who wants to experience the comics, who also want to do it for free! If at all you are unable to help me, may I ask you to email me the pages of the English comic please! I would really be grateful if you would help me out in anyway, and I promise I am clean of any dirty work so I'm 100 percent safe! Please don't take this the wrong way at all, and I'm sorry for the huge speech. Just reply to me for I am creepydoll17 thank u for your time. (ps. Im a fan!)

  2. Hmm... What Computer System are you using? What progrmas as well?
    I use windows to translate and use the windows picture viewer included with the computer to view the pages as I translate. I've never had any problems viewing them. Are you extracting them out of the zipped folder or leaving them in there? If you're not extracting them you should (right click with your mouse and go to the extract option). Thats about the only thing that comes to mind as to be whats causing your problem.

    Also another fan has started posting the translated pages on smackjeeve.com. It's still in the pages translated by the Zannen group but should get to mine soon i think. Just go to smackjeeves.com and search for cybersix.

  3. Yeah ive tried the website... But I really want to read chapter 13. And I have windows vista, and I'll try the extract thing but when do I do it? When I save it or open it?