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Saturday, September 24, 2011


Was browsing through some Cybersix search results on google. Some even mentioned me! :D For those who did mention me just to give you some confirmation yes I am a dude. So now who can stop with the him/her-ing when you're talking about me.

I'm becoming known on the interwebz!!!! Oh happy days!


  1. I've tried the website but I really wish to view chapter13, and sorry about bothering u but do iritis click it as I open it from the saved folder? I really appreciateuhelping me because I'm so desperate to read the comics.Butimafraid wont be able tobc I have vista.

  2. Vista never gave me any problems...
    ok a step by step bit
    1. use the links to go to megaupload and download the comics.
    2. when prompted to save or open the file choose save.
    3. while the file is downloading go and have yourself a cookie.
    4. once the file is saved to your computer go to the file location.
    5. right click on the zipped folder and select extract.
    6. once the files are extracted select the first image and open it in your program of choice. (I use windows photo viewer so I just go and right click on the file and select preview)
    7. read comic.

    If this doesn't work I don't know what else I can do. You may need to try a different computer.

    Unfortunately I can't email anyone the pages because if I do it someone I would have to do it for everyone.

    hmm I think I will make an actual post out this incase anyone else has similiar problems.

  3. If you use a program like HoneyView, you can view the images within a ZIP or RAR file without extracting them. Saves space and keeps things tidier. For extra convenience, if you rename the ZIP or RAR files with a CBR file extension, they'll automatically open in HoneyView when you double click on them.