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Friday, March 1, 2013

Some New News

Heya Folks I'm still kicking. I actually got some fresh info for you all!

First of all I've updated the links on the Cybersix page. If the link for #5 still isn't working let me know and I guess I'll have to re-upload the whole the thing.

Shippo my friend the email I use for my translation stuff is still Pharmadantrans@yahoo.com.
Every 10 pages is perfectly fine, you can send them when you have the time.
Don't worry about holding me up I've been slowed down considerably by working 9 hour workdays with a half day on Friday. I haven't made nearly as much progress with the current issue of Meteorix as I would have hoped.

Larry- All of the images I have are from various sources online. Unfortunately those sources tend to only have the cover image or an individual panel.
As for the comic scans I have I'm missing at least half of the entire series, as i only have the French Volumes and a few misceleanous scans from Mexico.
I'll gladly accept any scans you have to share. I'm not quite sure where the French and Italian editions sync up exactly so there is a good chance you have something I don't.

That's all for now, with a little luck I'll be able to make some progress today with Meteorix.


  1. Hey man, just wanted to make sure you got my email, thanks.

  2. So I think I MIGHT have something for you to translate. I'm not quite sure which volume of cybersix it is or what. I'll go ahead and post a download link for it here. And if you want me to just e-mail it to you, go ahead and tell me. All I know is that there's a little under 400 pages of French that I can't read. https://dl.dropbox.com/u/101050248/Cybersix.zip