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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Still Alive - Happy 4th

Like psychotic computers and hockey masked killers, I return once again.

In regards to the long absence, I do this as a HOBBY in my free time. And since my free time is limited I have to prioritize. And to be quite honest I haven't felt the urge to do much translating until lately.

Yes I do feel guilty about it.

But such is life. I've been busy. I work fulltime. My brother needed help moving. I have other interests that I wish to indulge. My dad busted up his knee shortly before going to Canada with my Mom and Brother to compete in an International Choir Thing That I Can't Remember The NAme Of out in Toronto, while leaving me behind. :(

Oh and I got a new computer, and found out that several of my old programs and files are not compatible with it... :(
Does anyone know of any good converter progams for .wps files?

Also does anyone know how to enhance the text in old/poor scans like the ones I have for early Meteorix comics? PArt of the reason there hasn't been anything new until now is because of my frustration at deciphering the text of those images.

Anyway thanks to the 4th of July and the translation skills of the awesome (and dare I say lovely?) Shippo, here is a new Cyberisx page with hopefully more to follow.

Also Shippo I never got that second batch of translations you mentioned. we really got to figure out why that keeps happening.
-Also also did you translate the text colums from the two pages before this one? they didnt seem to be included in the file you sent me.


  1. In Poland we have an adage: 'Patience is one of virtues', so I can wait for more translations :)

  2. Agh sorry for the late reply. To save us some hassle I'm just gonna upload my translations to a file host from now on. Here's my translation file from the other half of volume 2, the bit you're looking for is at the very very bottom.


    Also here's pages 11-20 of V2 part 2:


    Also I thought I might as well ask, I'm nearing the end of the other translation project I was doing so I will have more time for Cybersix. Would it be too intrusive to ask if I could start the translation and typesetting of volume 3? I will still provide vol 2 translations as needed of course.