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Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Status Of PharmaDan

So hey I got a new job YAY! But it's slwoing down my work on Cybersix BOO! (Even more so than normal)
I have to wake up at 5:30 in morning to get there on time and don't get home until close to 12 hours later, and its a fulltime job too. Adding in selling my bodily fluids for fun and profit at Biolife Plasma Services twice a week, it all results in greatly reduced free time.
At least I'm not as bad as updating as VGCats though :D

Anyway here is some Cyberstuff for you all.

I've been looking through some of my various Cybersix folders and have come across a few little oddities. It might be some stuff that wasn't included with the French volumes. I'm wondering if they might be some short humor bits or backups for other comics. And in the coming pages it seems like a "new" character shows up for the first time but it seems like Cyber already knew him, but I could be wrong I've just been skimming ahead. Although some of the stuff DOES show up in upcoming volumes so maybe I'm just missing or something. Here is a link to the misc stuff. It's Lori dressing up as Cyber that is the bit that I wonder the most about.
Also included with those files were some old comic ads including one for a most awesome shirt.

Man I wish I had one of these...

You know considering that I'm working at a T-Shirt place (finding the shirts and sending them to screen printing or embroidery), maybe someday a small custom order could be done (we do get deals for small custom orders like about 30% off or something) and make a Cybersix shirt, I'm thinking her hat and a vial of sustenance, maybe her cape as well. Wouldn't happen for a while though, it would still be a bit spendy.

Out of curiosity are any of you reading this artists capable of doing a nice pic like that?

Also here are some other pics I found a while back. I can't remember where I found them other than that it was during some late night google image binging. The Fanart pics are really good.

Does anyone remember what episode this was from?


  1. :) Congrats on ur new job! :D
    I believe it's Episode 12 :)

  2. After doing some searching in Spanish I believe I've figured it out. There's a Spanish comic magazine called Comiqueando and they've published some short sort of bonus material for their magazine. So that would explain why some of this stuff isn't seen in other comics.

    If you register you'll find the same folders you have in the mediafire links:


    When Cybersix was published in Argentina in the magazine Puertitas, it differed from the version in Spain in a few areas. The few pages in the folder show the differences.



    As for the Meridiana Blues, I'm not quite sure, is this material in the French volumes too? All I can figure is it's a compilation of some sorts.