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Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I'm kinda curious at the moment, the vast majority of us here on my blog are fans of Cybersix, and I was wondering a few things;
  1. How did you first learn about Cybersix?
  2. How did you find my blog?
  3. Do you have any inteterest in my translations of Meteorix?
Myself I first found Cyber through the shortlived FoxKids run. I particulary remember the last bit of Lori is missing when Cyber is imploring Lucas to forgive her, and the Eye of the Beholder episode, in fact I think that was the last one I saw until I "found" the series again online.

Obviously I started the Blog.

Also obviously I am interested in Meteorix or I wouldn't be doing my slow-ass translations of it.

OKey Dokey Floks its your turn now. Also the more responses I get the faster the next few batches of Cyber may come out.


  1. Hmm... I know I remember it being on FoxKids when I was a kid but I was too little to have any interest in it so I don't remember much other than the image of Cyber herself. I remember mixing her up with Carmen Sandiego. lol

    I think it might've been on Teletoon and I noticed it then too but still didn't watch it. Wasn't until looking up old cartoon intros on youtube that I finally watched the whole thing through.

    Loved the show and watched it a couple times before finding out the comics. Looked it up to download but only found it in Spanish so I searched for a translation and that's when I found you. After finding out you translate from French I offered to help. C:

    As for Meteorix, it's not my cup o'tea.

  2. I watched the Cybersix cartoon and loved it. I constantly looked for any word of new seasons, info, ANYTHING on it. When I looked up what Cybersix was originally, a comic, I wanted to read up on it.

    I knew it was very different from the cartoon, being as innocent as Teletoon would let it, but curiosity got me by the throat. I looked, and finally found a download for the first volume or so, but it was in Spanish and therefore unable to be read. It was a few years later that I resumed my search and poof, you popped up in Google!

    I have not read Meteorix, however.

  3. I stumbled upon Cybersix while browsing anidb.net and thought it looked interesting enough to check it out. After I finished watching it I checked the show's TV Tropes page and found a link to your blog there, and that's how I got my way here.

    Meteorix doesn't really look like it's for me.

  4. I just found this blog NOW. Up here in Canada, I watched the TV series as a kid on Teletoon when it was released in 1999. Couple Years back, I found the translated scans of the first few chapters and found more depth and story in those scans than I did in the TV series. Growing up and finding this was better in the long run, this is clearly for adults having a harsher tone with less comic relief. A bonus is the nostalgia of remembering the show back in elementary school. Today I found a copy of the old scanned work and I thought maybe by some miracle there would be more chapters. Google: Cyber Six Translated, and I found that not only has the volume been completed, Volume 2 was in the mix. I really appreciate your time and effort translating this Argentine work of art and sharing it with us. I couldn't help myself; I had to comment, and I haven't even read your scans yet.

  5. I learned about CyberSix from the show on Fox years ago. I had a feeling there was something different about it. For one thing, the opening was actually a rather decent song. The art style was anime-ish, but not really anime, which was another plus.

    One day, I recalled the show, and did a wikipedia search, learning of it's Brazilian comic origins. I then did a search to see if anyone had translated it. After a few forum messages here and there, I found your site.

    You're now in my RSS feeds, delivering up scans and translations no one else will, and I thank you for it!

  6. Hey - I found out about Cybersix a few days ago and thought the premise sounded interesting (especially the particulars of C6's double life). I just finished watching the animated series and wanted more, so I googled for translations. I felt a lot of stuff was suppressed and suggested rather than explored in the cartoon, and judging from what I've read of the comic that's definitely the case! It's a very different animal. I don't know about Meteorix.

    I just wanted to say how much I appreciate all your hard work! The translations are thorough and very clear and the quality of the scans and formatting is great (increasingly so, what with the font change). You're doing an absolutely superb job! Thank you for uploading it!

  7. 1. Cybersix Opening on Youtube
    2. by google :)
    3. sorry, no

  8. 1. When I was at manga convent in Warsaw, somebody showed me an opening and I started looking for TV show.
    2. I was looking for a translation of a comic and I found your blog on TV Tropes (like other people xD).
    3. You know, I tried to read this and it isn't for me, I don't like that kind of stories. But I appreciate your work and I will recommend your translations :)

  9. I saw an advert on Teletoon Canada about a new show they were bringing out. It was just part of the intro, with the spinning camera, face shot, hair flip? There was a "thunk* as my jaw hit the floor! I was smitten.
    Then I watched it and it was TERRIFIC! In most episodes there's a "magical moment" when you're just really, very happy to have seen what you just saw.
    I found this site while looking for Cybersix opening vids to show others. I though: Open AND close songs? great! Luckily I looked in the uploader's comments.
    >I had seeded CyberSix Spanish comix on Demonoid for years!
    I don't know what Meteorix is, but if you like CyberSix you must have good taste so I'll likely check it out!

    Thanks so much!

  10. Hi there. I've been reading your Cybersix translations for a while now and thought it was time I left a comment to let you know. :) I actually never saw Cybersix growing up, mainly because it aired at the same time as Inu-Yasha, which, as a tween, I was obsessed with. XD I learned about it sometime last year while discussing awesome animated shows with a friend. After seeing the intro, I became infatuated and have since absorbed every scrap of Cybersix I could get me hands on, which lead me here. I've never heard of Meteorix, but I'll check it out when I get the chance since it's probably good.

    Anyway, thank you for providing your Cybersix translations. I eagerly await the next batch. And believe me, you probably have more silent followers than you may realize- especially since I've told as many friends as I can about your translations, and I think I've had a couple bites. :D