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Thursday, May 10, 2012

In The Oven

Its starting to heat up here at home. Bleh.

Been making some progress with Cybersix today. Mostly transcibing as of this post but maybe some page work later.


  1. Time to buy a fan or window AC unit! Speaking of cybersix- since megaupload went down, did you have backups of your old translations anywhere? Sorry to bug, just finished re-watching the series on youtube and kind of desperate for some closure XD

  2. Yeah I reuploaded a few days after Megaupload went down. The links are on the cybersix page. Unfortunately closure isn't quite what you're going to get, the comic is rather... "different" heh hehe heh...

    Also feel free to spread these translations to other locations so incase something does happen people can find them. Besides the more places they're at the more people they can reach.

  3. Thank you so much for running this website. I just got into Cybersix and finished watching the series. This website has lots of valuable information.